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Undergloves for all who work in gloves.

Undergloves for all who work in gloves.


According to statistics, about 15% of people who working in gloves, suffer from the hands disease. Allergy, dermatitis, molasses, itching, problems with nails - this is not a complete list of diseases due to working in rubber gloves. Every time when you are wearing rubber gloves, you put hands in tight, airless space. This conditions is ideal for growth of diseases.

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How to work with gloves and save your hands from danger? How to work in gloves with comfort? Our hands should "breathe." Hands must be kept dry. The temperature inside the glove should be stable. The sensitivity of the fingers should be maintained.

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Undergloves - a seamless gloves which must be worn under rubber gloves. Under-gloves have a special structure and made from knitted natural bamboo fibers, which have unique properties.

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Before offering you these products we tested them. Marzeev O.M. Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology (National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine) held a series of research. In the result discovered that under-gloves IVF have antibacterial properties. Every year, we conduct free testing to all comers. 95% of respondents would use again and recommend under-gloves for their friends. All products are certified in Ukraine. Bamboo fiber has an international quality certificate.



Create undergloves made of natural bamboo fiber is a good idea to solve the problems of people who work in gloves. But various specialists work gloves, not only dentists, cosmetologists or doctors. We have tried to accommodate all desires for different applications. So there were 6 different models. And we're still open to improvement and introduction of new models.

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Hundreds of thousands of people daily work in gloves. Of these, thousands of suffering from hand diseases. Our mission is to make the work gloves more comfortable and healthy. We have prepared for you maximally advantageous conditions. We invite you to to become a dealer and help other people.

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